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Iqaluit in September- Just being socialable

Baffin Island Stones

Baffin Island Stones (Photo credit: 9brandon)


Iqaluit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Iqaluit, anglican church St. Jude

Iqaluit, anglican church St. Jude (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had the pleasure to return to Iqaluit at the end of September to make a presentation on social selling at the Annual Nunavut Trade Show. I was a guest of the Baffin Island Chamber of Commerce and once again they really looked after me.   (They haves a joke that God made the world in six days and on the seventh he was bored so he threw stones at Baffin Island. – It is pretty rocky – great if you are a geologist).  I recommend that if you have the chance to visit Nunavut- do so. It is unlike any place you would go “down South”.

I sat with some local artists and had a great talk about how they preserve their culture in their family. Lovely people and so  in tune with today. The trade show is quite the thing.  I  can saw some incredible clothing (art really ) from local furs.

It is still a tougher place to live – it seems that Maritimers last longer there than Pacific Coasters.  I agree.

Mural in Iqaluit

Mural in Iqaluit (Photo credit: AScappatura)

If I did not come from Swedish stock – the openess (some could say bleakness) and the feeling that winter is never that far away might get to some of you . But the country is pretty awesome and the people more so.

Green house on stilts in Iqaluit

Green house on stilts in Iqaluit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



People there are building  a new country and it behooves us to help them in whatever way we can.   I talked about how the addition of social selling is helping to move us closer to communities of buyers.  This allows us to present more of the context of our work – allowing buyers to become more aware of the us and what we are trying to achieve,

Legislative Building in Nunavut

Legislative Building in Nunavut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)