September 9th 2013

Iraq war 2003. What really happened behind the scenes. Charles Edmund Coyote

President George Bush introduces the Joint Res...

Iraq war 2003. What really happened behind the scenes. Charles Edmund Coyote. 2012. The sub head is The story of the biggest blunder in  American history.   Quite a telling book as it details the mis-steps, mistakes and incredible stupidity of  th e G. W.  Bush administration. To say they were ham fisted is to  be kind.  You can read about all the numerous warnings from all over the world and the US the administration chose to ignore about the preparations for 9/11. How Bin Laden telegraphed and described in his speeches that his intent was to draw the US into a long war that would drain resources. How the US special forces and others almost had him taken out after 9 /11 and then Bush decided to go after Saddam and ignore Bin laden The administration had their mind made up and ignored all the intelligence that had been gathered.  (Plus the story how the US had funded Saddam and WMDs over the years)
After reading this you realize the the US wasted billions of dollars and thousands of US lives and likely millions of Middle Eastern lives.  Without these mistakes, they would have weathered their fiscal crises and what not – as well as all the money wasted on airport security. Oh and in all this they really destabilized Iraq and Iran – cementing more support for terrorists.
Well worth your time to read and ponder.

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