July 26th 2013

New Product Blueprinting. The handbook for B2B organic growth. Dan Adams.

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New Product Blueprinting. The handbook for B2B organic growth. Dan Adams.2008. ISBN 9780980112344. I was looking for this book for quite some time as it was referenced as the new bible for product development to take over from stage-gate methods (Cooper). I finally found the whole name/author in What Customers Want. This is a very valuable book as it will save product and services companies a lot of money and wasted effort. As the author says, manufacturers can produce a six sigma product routinely, yet R&D departments still have 3 out of 4 products fail in the marketplace – with the funds expended wasted. Using Product Blueprinting a company will find out early where there is a market need before the product is developed. And yes using this method, Apple would have still developed the Ipod. The major difference in this process is the increased amount of effort and time done at the front end in market research , innovative discovery interviews and so on, with the seventh stage being a business case. This book fits with Agile so well. If reading this book prevents your company from going off on a product build based on the statements of a few sales guys it is well worth the read. The easy reading style, with great illustrations really brings the topic to life. A must buy for the B2B product manager/CEO

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