July 19th 2013

The New Geography of Jobs. Enrico Moretti.

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The New Geography of Jobs. Enrico Moretti. 2013. ISBN 9780547750118, Continuing on the theme of studies of innovation, this book by a noted economist pretty well puts the boots to most populist views of jobs and job creation.  From angst over  protecting old manufacturing jobs ( which “create” 1.2 more jobs) to having high tech jobs ( which each create 5 more jobs) , the answer is a slam dunk. Restrictive building bylaws are stupid.  ( So you are saying you want to create jobs but not places for the high value workers to live?)   Drives between cities to “buy” plants are too often a zero sum game – why not just give the same money the residents?   You will learn why clusters of innovation happens and how it is often due to a few “stars ‘ and not govt hand outs.   Seattle?  – Microsoft moved from AlbuquerqueHollywood – D.W. Griffiths and Birth of a NAtion.   Silicon ValleyFairchild Semiconductor.   Vancouver’s sky high housing ?  China took over Hong Kong.  A treat of a book which I read it in one sitting. Terrific complement to Why Boomers Bail. You will never look at govt programs again. Makes a great as why education should be a federal responsibility – as should be R&D.  Great ideas about smart immigration policies.

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