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The Sales Magnet. How to get more customers without cold calling. Kendra Lee


The Sales Magnet. How to get more customers without cold calling.  Kendra Lee. 2013.  ISBN 9780985782917.  A very good book for the experienced salesperson who want/needs to crank their efforts up  a big notch. This approach toward regular campaigns and lead generation efforts works as we  have been using similar efforts for a dozen years.  I appreciate her realistic view – if there are no leads in the sales funnel and marketing is ineffective – you have to call – but you also have to do this  method if you want your life to improve.   Many sales people have been classed as not that organized and tactics driven, however my experience has been that any sales person will find this approach as patently obvious.   As well,  if you think you are one of the “past it ” generation that has not adopted LinkedIn and other tools into your sales bag, she gives you an easy way to start to adopt it.   One caveat  not every salesperson is adept at writing good content – and if you are one of those you can learn to be better as the author gives useful templates on how to do it.  When you start, I would getting some  hard hitting copy advice from a real writer – if you do that you will reap a great harvest in sales leads. One of my colleagues calls this  “a paint by numbers” way to be successful  Good resource site