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Strategic Sales Presentations. Jack Malcolm.

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Strategic Sales Presentations.  Jack Malcolm. 2012. ISBN 9781935963529.  This is a very important book for all salespeople.  There is now no excuse for boring presentations that do not move the sale forward.  I appreciate how the author has melded the recent presentation work of Duarte and Garr Reynolds (with some help from Steve Jobs)  on the how with all the research on why and where you need to spend energy and time.   The book is very tightly written with every chapter brimming with terrific advice, examples and research.  The author is a very serious sales pro who any sales person would be advised to learn from.   He has valuable content, great structure, validated by research and experience.  I really enjoyed that he left PowerPoint to the very end – which is exactly how you should do this to present well.  Great companion book for a cross country flight.  If you follow this book , you will sell more, much more.