October 5th 2012

Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual. Guy Smith

FreeFall 6" Rocket

Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual. Guy Smith,. 2012. ISBN 9780983240730.  Guy has an excellent blog http://www.siliconstrat.com/blog/,  from which Rocket Builders has pulled many gems over the years.  Our good friend, David Greer, alerted us that Guy had published this book.  This is the real thing folks. There is not a wasted word or diagram in it.  The book’s realistic market is just about any CEO we have every worked with.   Guy clears away the confusion and lets the CEO in on what he/she really needs to know about marketing , and how to see if his dept is getting him where he needs to be.  A short book, clearly written, you can read it on a 2 hr plane ride – but you should re read it on the way back and each year as well.  This is an essential part of a CEOs’ toolkit.

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