August 13th 2012

The Iran Threat. President Ahmadinejad and the coming nuclear crisis. Alireza Jafarzadeh.

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The Iran Threat. President Ahmadinejad and the coming nuclear crisis. Alireza Jafarzadeh.2007. ISBN 9781403976642.  This book will not let you rest easy at night. Its from a one time insider in Iran who is now a respected Iran watcher in the US.  He lays out how the early lectures by Khomeni forecast what would happen after the fall of the Shah.  The “pious old man” hijacked a country that was on its way to a more democratic state and over the years created this fanatical fundamentalist religious oil fueled infrastructure that has no compunction at sending nuclear bombs to Israel. the US and other non Islamic countries. The president si just another crazy radical under the thumb of the mullahs and their pursuits.  The goals have always been to upset the Middle East structure – building Hezbollah to disrupt Lebanon,  sweep into Iraq after the US removed Saddam, support Al Qa’ eda where ever, disrupt Afghanistan and Pakistan wit IEDs and suicide bombers,  assassinate foes/leaders  anywhere in these states and elsewhere, rig elections, restrict all rights,  the list goes on.  Various Western govts have tried to appease the mullahs – which is taken as a sign of weakness. They relentlessly press on to have weapons to unleash on any and all. There is no western logic, humanity or really much Islam in their thinking. So today we are in a world that has fewer dollars to wage wars, weak Western leaders and another rogue state, Iran which treats its population as badly as North Korea does. All bets are off and the sooner the west has a way to harness the Iranian peoples opposition to their yoke, the better. The author gives solid examples of what to do. However in vain attempts to appease the Iranian leaders, the West usually does the opposite of what is needed. This is a country that lies about everything.

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