July 6th 2012

25 Toughest Sales Objections. Stephan Schiffman


25 Toughest Sales Objections. Stephan Schiffman.2011. ISBN 9780071767378. Another of this prolific sales trainers books. It is worth the read. His approach is logical, simple and straightforward.  The basics of selling have not changed and his material is directed at making salespeople effective as well as efficient. We have all heard these objections and his suggestions are designed to strengthen the sale and the salesperson.  His comments on cost objections are bang on:

  • A product only costs too much if the customer believes its value is below its price.
  • The sales mans job is to fix a dollar quantity to the problem that the product solves
  • Negotiation is not just about price
  • Discounting is not a strategy its a tactic

Best line to ask your team. “Is making the sale more important than the terms of the sale?”

Do you know before going in :

  • How your price compares to  comparables in the industry?
  • The last price your client paid for this product/service?
  • Are prices set by you or a competitor?
  • Are prices rising or falling?
  • Your walkaway number?
  • The client consequences if he does not buy from you?

Good book to have beside your phone.

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