June 20th 2012

I just had some amazing customer service – from Bank of America – no less

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I just had some amazing customer service – from Bank of America – no less.

Backstory.  In order to use my Amazon Fire in Canada to get apps etc, I had to get a US credit card with a US address.  For me the easiest way was a trip to Lynden Wa. to open a Bank of America  account, and obtain one of their VISA credits cards.   Enter Missy Mistral – Sales and Service rep.  Missy made sure that the whole experience as pleasant and smooth.  Online banking was working, my application went through and I was in business.   When the card arrived a few days later, I was able to happily download apps to my Fire.

Yesterday, I realized I had not seen a BankAmericard VISA bill yet.  I tried to access the VISA account through Mint and directly online.  I could not get past the opening screen.  The Bank of America documentation was comprehensive , but completely unhelpful as it missed key account information!

I called Missy, who first helped me pay my credit card bill, and then “fixed” the glitch that had prevented me from doing it online.  She checked the bank accounts were linked and that VISA showed up as one of the payable bills.  Good stuff.

This morning  she called me back  to make sure everything was working.  I have never had bank customer service ever call me back after the problem was resolved. I have never had any bank employee ever be this pleasant and helpful.  I salute Missy Mistral,  Bank of America 700 Front St. Lynden Wa.

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