April 12th 2012

Running Lean. Iterate from plan A to a plan that works. Ash Maurya.

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Running Lean. Iterate from plan A to a plan that works. Ash Maurya.2012. ISBN 9781449305178.  Part of the LEAN series which started with The Lean Start-up. This is the workbook for the The Lean Start-up and more. Lean development rose out of the AGILE camp and remains a major POV for the technology development sector.  My interest comes from experience with companies that start into AGILE but, fail to implement it in their management structure/style.  This LEAN series is a good way to start on changing how to manage companies who are innovators.  A very few folks are writing about adopting AGILE techniques in sales and marketing , but it will come.   A few key bullets for me from this very clear and well written book.

  • Build only the Minimum Value Product – always testing customer response.
  • Look for Minimum Marketing Features (what customers value – and you would write up)
  • Use Kanban charts ( from The Toyota Way ) to organize and constrain workflow
  • Done = validated with learning from customers
  • Measure product marketing fit all the time.

On Freemium (he is not a fan) :

  • Delays learning about what price buyers will pay
  • Low or no conversion – give away too much
  • Lengthens validation cycle
  • Shift focus to wrong metric – signups vs retention
  • Low signal to noise ration – what is important feedback
  • Free users are not free – account for free users as a marketing expense

Mailchimp started with a paid version and after much time backed into a free one. Users should easily outgrow a free plan.  This is LinkedIn’s issue. IMHO.  Buy this book and The Lean Startup.

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