April 2nd 2012

The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership. Jeffrey K. Liker & Gary L. Convis.

Toyota trumpet-playing robot

Toyota trumpet-playing robot

The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership. Achieving and sustaining excellence through leadership development. Jeffrey K. Liker & Gary L. Convis. 2012. ISBN 9780071780780.  The two authors are very experienced in the Toyota Way and how it applies to American workers.  The effectiveness of Toyota’s responses to whatever comes its way is amazing – and the profits show it..    My takeaways are:

  • There are no quick fixes
  • Top leaders need to commit to continuous improvement ( their operations and themselves)
  • Top leaders develop others – continuously teaching (discovery method)
  • Commit to long term R&D at the floor level.
  • Leaders position teams to win
  • The approach is contextually dependent – people, division, plant, country
  • Metrics are used as a tool for self improvement – not a basis for rewards
  • You don’t go home until the problem is fixed.
  • The company commits to leadership development
  • The desire to want to be excellent is in us all.

This book is essential management reading.  A must have on your shelf.

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