March 5th 2012

Pricing Strategies.A marketing approach. Robert M. Schindler.

The Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Paris (now...

Pricing Strategies.A marketing approach. Robert M. Schindler. 2012. ISBN 9781412964746.  Written as a business school textbook, this is a very useful reference book for all. The dive is deep but the author takes good care of you as he guides you through quite a comprehensive look at all aspects of pricing. I was taken with his simple description that in a negotiated price situation, value is determined by how well your product satisfies all your customers needs.  A salesman is best situated to assess, extract  and match those needs to the product offering such that the overall value provided exceeds the price asked.  You will appreciate Schindler’ s framework for differentiation of customer needs. They range from objective ,aesthetic/hedonic, social, reliability, and product convenience needs.  The book makes good use of current case studies where he names names and describes the results

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