January 26th 2012

How to Say It:Business to Business Selling. Geoffrey James.

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How to Say It: Business to Business Selling. Geoffrey James.2011. ISBN 9780735204584.  This is a desktop book that every salesman and sales manager needs to have. It is extremely clear, concise and well written. Each chapter is a treasure trove of useful nuggets.  He covers the bases:

  • How to Craft an Elevator Pitch
  • Find Hot Sales Leads
  • Negotiate the Best Deal
  • Sell to Top Execs
  • Build Sales Partnerships
  • Get a Customer Referral
  • Prospect with Voice Mail
  • Give a Compelling Product Demo
  • Move a Lead to a Prospect
  • Develop B2B Campaigns
  • Close a B2B Deal
  • and more

He built this book through countless interviews with sales giants like Tom Sant, Wendy Weiss, Linda Richardson, Keith Eades, Jeff Thull, Keith Rosen, Joanne Black, Jeffrey Gitomer and others.  As a regular contributor to Selling Power and other publications, the author really knows what works. Buy, read and review.

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