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Sell Now! Adaptive Strategies for Today’s Marketplace.Stacia Skinner.

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Sell Now! Adaptive Strategies for Today’s Marketplace.Stacia Skinner.    2011. ISBN 1440533792.   This is a free Kindle book available from Amazon.  I liked it. It covers the basics for sales efficiency as well as giving young and old reps something to work with.  This is a quick but very useful read.  The content gives a good analysis of a sales cycle and why sales conditions change over time. I liked that this book stresses the basics of sales people being proactive and self motivating.

The End of Business as Usual. Brian Solis.

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The End of Business as Usual. Brian Solis.  2012. ISBN 9781118171561.   This is the epitome of a very current marketing academic book that is eminently practical.  This does not make it an easy read because Brian is concise and direct in his analysis and expects the reader to do some work as well.  The book is full of aha moments, and my Kindle highlights are legion.  This is the book for you if you are a current practicing marketer and or academic.  I especially appreciated that Brian was able to skillfully weave the entire marketing skill set into all aspects of the company.   If you want to learn and earn in this space, you will need to read this book.  Full disclosure- I bought this book and it is on all my Kindles.   Check out his terrific blog

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