December 12th 2011

The Management Mythbuster. David A.J. Axson

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The Management Mythbuster. David A.J. Axson. 2010. ISBN 9780470463628. How can such an absolutely true book be so funny? from the Introduction with such titles as Strategic Plans are of Little Use in Times of great Uncertainty and Volatility through to the end with Isolating Management Stupidity.   Those of us with a bit of grey hair have lived through many of these myths and the mistakes.  In our practise we often meet companies that are growing at what looks like very decent numbers. How ever when you compare these numbers with the superior gains competitors are able to post you realize that the company is losing ground and not is unaware of it. This delusion is way too prevalent in High tech companies.  Thus we a look at  compensation metrics which reward outperforming the competitors in all types of markets and conditions.  This is one key to helping  prevent overpaying senior executives.   The book should be on every business school reading list as well as that of  all shareholders.  Execs of all types would do well to read this book.   A great read.

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