December 1st 2011

Zero-Time Selling. 10 Essential steps to accelerate every company’s sales. Andy Paul

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Zero-Time Selling. 10 Essential steps to accelerate every company’s sales. Andy Paul. 2012. ISBN 9781614480501. This short (168 pp) tightly written book punches way above its weight class.  The 10 steps are simple, obvious and elegant. It relates very well to changes we are seeing in the marketplace, changes that negatively impact technology sales.

Why change?  Here is his comment on the buyer’s life today.

Customer firms are no different from any other business.  Most productivity gains are due to people being pushed to work harder , to increase their output within the same number of hours.   If buyers are stretched thin like everyone else, then it stands to reason that one good avenue for creating value for the customer through the selling process is to reduce the time he needs to spend assembling the information required to make a fully informed decision.”

As a salesperson, do you deserve to be in front of the buyer? Have you done your homework on his industry and his needs plus do you have the product knowledge to answer the most important of their questions immediately?

To make Zero-Time work ( and this is not a quick fix ) sales managers need to be able to measure that:

  • 100% of leads are being followed up
  • lead follow up time is meeting your set time goals (30 minutes? )
  • the salesperson is answering the buyers needs/questions without extra follow-ups?
  • weekly reviews with ea salesperson show that:
  • they are tossing the losers from their pipeline and
  • selling  the proper solution to the people that need it. (Often this is the researcher/user, not the payer who is  waiting for the users approval/research results.)

This book is recommended to sales people and their managers who want to step up their game in response to the changing selling situations.  One cautionary note to sales managers.  The Sales Lead Black Hole research indicated that the more seasoned/mature salesperson can be expected to react negatively to extra manager attention to lead follow-up. See below. (full post)

We also find that as sales reps become more experienced, they are less likely to:

  1. pursue marketing-generated leads,
  2. respond positively to managerial tracking of marketing lead follow-up, or
  3. respond positively to greater marketing-generated lead volume.

Thus implementing a change to your program means more than a Jean Luc Picard “Make it So” .

You will need to think this through and work together with your star performers first.

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