August 22nd 2011

Sawyer, the wonderdog

Sawyer the granddog

This weekend we have been babysitting Sawyer, the granddog.  Sawyer is my son’s 3 yr old Shiba.  This is an ancient breed from Japan, and it seems ideal for an apt.  Very laid back smaller dog, no bark to speak of and quite smart.  I have found Sawyer to be well trained to heel, responsive to attention ( and then when he has enough he just lays down and sleeps) and trainable.  He eats little, requires minimal exercise and does not appear to enjoy splashing in puddles = clean coat and dry feet.He is socialized with other dogs, but not a great fan of small breeds.

I learned at the pet store that he is called a grand-dog , and this may be all we get for quite awhile,  since only one of my sons (Joel and Sheena)  has been in any rush to get married and give us grand-kids ( the well traveled Tea’,  today in Ethiopia).   However this has been a fun visit and I hope we get to look after him again, especially when I am back into running (Having pulled the other Achilles a month ago – using the Vibram five finger shoes).

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