July 15th 2011

Crude Deception. Gordon Zuckerman.

OPEC countries

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Crude Deception. Gordon Zuckerman. 2011. ISBN 9781608321438.  The second in a series ( I have not read the first).  This is a mystery novel placed in the years just at the end of WW II.  Thus you know the end result, so its not much of a mystery!  The journey is more important here than the destination. A group of wealthy individuals are concerned that post war control of the oil industry will be too concentrated in a few oil firms.   The novel has locations in US, Europe and Asia and shows knowledge of the prevailing issues, at least from one point of view. You see the formation of OPEC  and other post war institutions.   I could not get into this book. It seems to refer back to the first novel too much, implying that one was more exciting.  The author has some pretty good basic material to work with and decent character development. I would have liked to see the action spots/cliff hangers to be more descriptive, intense  and emotive. But that is just me.

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