July 9th 2011

Strengths Based Selling. Tony Rutigliano & Brian Brim.

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Strengths Based Selling. Tony Rutigliano & Brian Brim.2010. ISBN 9781595620484.  A follow-up to Discover Your Sales Strengths.   This book contains more detail on applying your strengths to various sales opportunities as well as guides for sales management. Again it it is built around Gallops online skills inventory test and the book contains one login to take the test. I appreciated that each sales person may have very different strengths and that combined with a basic sales aptitude there are winning methods for all, but they all differ. The suggestions are tried and true but seen through the filter that a one size fits all approach will not work in sales.  This is true in all coaching. They mention that training is not the same as development.  Personal development in sales skills must be issues based.  Again we hear that the base for all sales success is understanding the value that you bring to the client, which requires homework and preparation long before you make the call.  In their eyes a referral is a testimony to the value that the client received.  As well they have the numbers to show that as you increase customer engagement, you increase the  profits from that customer.  A non engaged, rational client is a price based client.  Engagement speaks to an emotional satisfaction for the client.  Which as we have seen before means matching your product to a client’s basic values.   Short, easily read and immediately useful.

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