June 10th 2011

Report on Art of Marketing Roadshow – Vancouver June 11

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Kudos to Peter Hrabinsky of Antaractica  who flew in a ticket for me to watch these sessions yesterday. Peter , you are a prince (and you have played hockey with Guy Kawasaki).

The Master of Ceremonies Ron Tite,  did a great job relaying the brilliant tweets from the attendees through the event.  The speaker line up:

Mitch Joel – Added two items to his set piece that I covered last year – mitch@twistimage.com

he has a few new stats ( he often writes for the National Post)
More smartphones sold last year than PCs
Amazon Prime makes any item an impulse buy
Youtube is still second highest search engine
Some kids will never use a mouse and keyboard.
Check out apps Snaptel, Bazaarvoice
New lines:
  • Utilitarian marketing  (Charmin has an app on clean toilets) and
  • Create real  utility and real value
He came up with the best quote of the day:  “Steve Jobs came down from the mountain bearing tablets.”
Bill Taylor on Strategy  (Ex Fast Company)
How does your company differ from competitors.?
What do you promise and deliver that others can’t?
Interesting people in your company stay interested.
Just answer the phone.  gethuman.com
There is amazing talent available ( unpaid) in your client, fb,twitter, linkedIn communities. Tap into it
Great leaders act with a sense of humbetition
Avinash Kaushik.  author of Web Analytics an hour a day , WebAnalytics 2.0  (this is Google’s analytics guy)  ak@marketmotion.com
Best speaker of the day – funny, engaging, personable and he was the uber geek – numbers that really made sense
He was very clear about great ads (Googles $500 superbowl ad – the trip to paris) and dumb ads ( Bings information overload)
Great ads make you feel very good.
His latest book goes well beyond the original metrics and shows us how to find the economic value
of the social media platforms.  If you do the work you can find the justifying numbers with present tools.
He gave ideas about how important it is to still track bounce rate (how badly do you suck?), visitor loyalty,
visitor recency, conversion rate, task completion rate, (yet with all the metrics on activity – you really are only measuring 2% of the economic value = revenue + value)
There is still a lot of value left on the table with present reports. Do this at your peril cause the boardroom needs to know more. How would you quantify the value of your second level Twitter touches?
Explained how to make better use of Youtube data. (Views, likes dislikes) ,  Google offers was his eg., and mentioned that Youtube is a great testing ground for ads potentila for success before you run them big time
How to use Google optimizer on AB testing. ( reference to Obamas campaign donation webpage)
New acronym,   Company marketing is decided by HIPPOs. Highest Paid Persons Opinion.
Gary Vaynerchuk (The Thank You Economy book)  First to sell wine online – huge blogger/video library on wine etc wealthy gary@vaynermedia.com
Hard scrabble guy from Brooklyn.  Dropped F bombs all the time.
This was the most refreshing speaker of the day.
He is a good measure ahead of the regular crowd, and not afraid to say it.  He is sending me a copy of the book to review
“Its now all about listening, including using search inside twitter”.
The disruption by the Internet continues.  Everyone will underestimate it . Just this week, what will be the impact of General Mills going directly to Groupon to offer coupons – what does that do to WalMart and other retailers?  Who loses control over their market?
The battle that matters is over the content in context.  You will “check in” when you check in at the bar and the waiter then  offers you a free shot of JDaniels.
Customer acquisition has been mapped by the geeks.  If you do not understand this you are like the marketers using social as a broadcast ( Like me to win an ipod) instead of being a listening post. The day of the talkers is fast ending.
The battle moves to total lifetime value of a prospect – keeping all you can get.
What happens when WofMouth closes business and it scales. When it hits the customer with context.  This is not interactive billboards, people on the road are not looking at the billboard – they are texting and talking.
It is now about the execution that makes sense in a business, its about the humans – take the millions wasted today in a company, employ 50  passionate people who can execute one on one contextual marketing from lonelyguy15 to Obama.  Go from being a just merchant to being a service.
Guy Kawasaki.  Pitch Engagement. guy@alltop.com
Check out Never Say Never  film on Justin Bieber – you will learn about attention to the customer. Pdf of his slides – gina@garage.com

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