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Smart Pricing. How Google, Priceline, and leading businesses use pricing. Kagmohan Raju & Z. John Zhang.

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Smart Pricing.  How Google, Priceline, and Leading Businesses Use Pricing. Kagmohan Raju & Z. John Zhang.2010. ISBN 013149418x.  This is a book by two Wharton Business School professors that is very very useful for pricing practitioners.  I first found  it as an Itunes podcast by the authors on pricing.  I compliment them on having a very concise and clear writing style that compels you to read more.  I was fascinated at the way they described how the Chinese market is able to use price wars so often and strategically that when the same companies come to North America they see unlimited opportunity to apply the lessons learned.  ( Sun Tzu in action.)  The chapter on the power of a penny added new material to what I had found in other texts. The section on measuring product marketing profitability is applicable to every company I have worked with. The idea of measuring coat tail sales (ala the Disney model) is worth the price of the book in itself.  They fully describe so many models and so clearly,  this is a must buy book for any company leader who touches pricing.  I also appreciated that they wound all the models around real companies with real stories.  Buy it,  read it and reread this one!