April 4th 2011

Recreation at Cuyutlan. S of Manzanillo

All the waves are not created equally safe!!!

But the fun is worth it!

Early on one day we decided to give boogie boarding a go . The waves seemed reasonable and the weather was very warm.  However the undertow was quite strong and I had not figured out that as the five foot wave swept over you it also carved about two feet of sand away at the same time. This makes it hard to “jump” up onto the wave, since I am net about one foot under water by this time!  We did quite well, but the undertow was a tough as I have ever had- no wonder about a dozen Mexicans drown here each  year. You can swim beyond where the big waves break, but getting back in is a challange.

And then to relax with a little lite refreshment.    Life does not get much tougher than this.  I am sometimes too lazy to read. (Well I have read a Pierre Berton book , Why We Act like Canadians and a few others)  However we did get to the Manzanillo market.   Some very attractive and heavy pottery and of course the essential Vancouver Canuck`s serape ( Or Edmonton Eskimos)   Something tells you that there are a lot of snowbirds down here.

Mostly recycled items that Value Village did not want and pirated DVDS.

Relaxing poolside after the wave workout

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