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Prisoner of Tehran. Marina Nemat

Cover of "Prisoner of Tehran"

Cover of Prisoner of Tehran

Prisoner of Tehran. Marina Nemat. 2008. ISBN 9780143052173.   One womans true story about being falsely accused and imprisoned at 16 by the Ayatollah‘s revolutionary guards.  Through a series of flashbacks she describes life under the Shah and what led up to being put into prison. Despite being falsely accused she was beaten, tortured,  almost executed and sentenced to life in prison.  She was eventually “rescued” by renouncing Christianity, marrying a Muslim and living in fear for two years, in order to protect her loved ones at home.  Her “husband” was assassinated and her in-laws eventually had her released. When she went home to her family, they could not acknowledge all she had been through.   Eventually she remarries and finds her way to Canada.  A well written story,  I could not put it down.  Great insights into life in Iran then and possibly still.

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Idle time in Colima state – Cuyutlan.

View from the living room to pool and the Pacific Ocean beyond

So we are basking in 95 degree weather, 12 hours of sun, pollution-free salty air.  Swim in the pool, have breakfast,  go boogie boarding in the endless waves, walk on the beach, read a bit of  fresh seafood, terrific fresh fruits and veggies, ( 10 bananas f0r $1, limes, tomatoes, mangoes, avocadoes, papaya, pineapple, coconut and so on – all grown locally.  We are 50 km S of Manzanillo.   Very rural, simple place, no  tourists, just really neat Mexicans and some gringos who have discovered this little piece of heaven.  And tons of fresh fish to be had. We had marlin yesterday, terrific with salsa and quinoa.  Once again one asks why work?  All this only  7 hrs flight from YVR on Alaska Air..