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Rainmaking Conversations. Influence, persuade and sell in any situation. Mike Schultz & John E. Doer

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Rainmaking Conversations. Influence, persuade and sell in any situation.  Mike Schultz & John E. Doer. 2011. ISBN 9780470922231.    The authors are the principals of the RAIN group which publishes sales research and RAIN Today a highly respected sales blog/newsletter.  I am voting this the best sales book of the year so far.  This book  is a fitting complement to David Maister‘s ground breaking work.  The authors have been able to make this a comprehensive book as well as eminently readible.  They keep the book true to the 10 Rainmaking principles:
1. Play to win-win
2. Live by goals
3. Take action
4. Think buying first, selling second.
5. Be a fluent expert.
6. Create new conversations every day.
7. Lead masterful rainmaking conversations.
8. Set the agenda: be a change agent.
9. Be brave.
10. Assess yourself, get feedback, and improve continuously.

I pulled a few jewels on value selling from this as well. The concept of Money Discomfort is well explained.  They explain that there are two parts to this;

  1. A general discomfort talking about money and
  2. A money ceiling where talking about a certain amount becomes uncomfortable.

This also ties back to a persons buy cycle.

  1. Some know what they want, and go out and buy it.
  2. Others are indecisive, always price checking, and need sellers to educate them.

If a seller is more like the indecisive buyer, he will reflect that in his sales approach, especially if he trends to being a price seller.
Lesson learned, take individual  money discomfort  level and personal buying cycle into account when you are looking to improve your sales abilities or those of your team.

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