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Marketing automation (MA) likely a really bad idea for you.

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Marketing automation (MA)  is likely a really bad idea for you.   At one time I was selling accounting software for the first micro-computers.  Quickly we would discover (as we were implementing) that we were trying to shoehorn into a perfectly good solution,  a company that had very poor or almost no accounting systems beyond a shoebox, i.e. no  process at all.  Yah technology was going to solve their problem.  We had to step back and  first create a paper accounting system (their dime, our time so it  hurt)   Lots of scars.

The same mistakes were then made with ERP and CRM implementations (automating a bad or nonexistent process). Lots of money spent on these and on implementation. (Bigger shoehorns)   And now it is being played out with MAutomation. Since 95% of companies do not have a well thought out, strategic, successful  lead gen/nurturing process,  MA will be a waste of their money.

Perhaps  Freemium companies think they need MA to sort through the hordes of unqualified down-loaders. I suggest they take the money they would spend on automation and really work on their message, segmentation, targeting and building relevant compelling content .  At the same time really nail down a proven process.  Then use MA to  help grow your business.   Remember,  think,  then act. Things just work better that way.  (You move your spend to an investment that pays back.)

Of course this would require the CEO to know this stuff. Tell me when you meet one of these, since its always easier to buy technology than to solve the problems you have created yourself.   Marketing Automation is likely a waste of your money, but  its not the software, its you.
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