January 15th 2011

UnMarketing. Stop marketing. Start engaging. Scott Stratten

UnMarketing. Stop marketing. Start engaging. Scott Stratten. 2010. ISBN 9780470617878.  This  is a very useful book for anyone looking to pump up their business though using the social networks.  Stratten is one of those folks who has done the work and made a conscious effort to help others to really “get it”  His short chapter on how to create, organize and publish content is far and away the easiest and most direct writing we have seen to date.  He also covers the whole gamut of  marketing from trade shows to telesummits.  His website http://www.un-marketing.com/blog/ contains much of the content of the book.  His format of many (over 50) short chapters really suits the ADD generation of readers.  The best thing – Stratten speaks the truth and puts it out there. (Of course – he’s Canadian!)

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