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The Confession. John Grisham.

The Confession: A Novel

The Confession. John Grisham. 2010. ISBN 9780385528047.  What is a holiday break without the latest Grisham novel?  Fast paced story about a  little feisty lawyer vs the big guys.  This may be one of his best.  Perhaps one of the strongest cases against capital punishment you may read.  Despite knowing this was fiction, I found some of the content very distressing. Read it.

Twitter Marketing for Dummies. Kyle Lacy – Guest post

Edward Stern is a guest blogger for An Apple a Day and a writer on becoming a phlebotomist for the Guide to Health Education.
Twitter Marketing for Dummies. Kyle Lacy. 2010. ISBN 9780470561720. The Dummies series may not always be the best authority in certain topics, but in this case, it is. This book is by far the most comprehensive, in-depth guide to marketing yourself or your business via Twitter that I’ve come across. Everyone knows Twitter is all but essential as a marketing tool, but very few people understand it or know how to use it effectively. Kyle Lacy is in that minority, and after reading his book, you will be, too. Twitter Marketing for Dummies is not just a basic overview for beginners, though it does cover topics for novices like “what’s a re-tweet?” After getting the basics down, the author dives into how to create an effective marketing campaign, what constitutes proper tweetiquette, and how to walk the fine-line between self-promotion and spamming. It’s easy to make mistakes on Twitter that will turn off followers and reflect poorly on what you’re trying to promote; this book outlines how to use this amazing social media tool to your advantage. When you’re ready, it goes in-depth on the features social media consultants utilize; everything from third party applications that take full advantage of Twitter’s capacity for connecting and doing research on target demographics, to improving customer service and (most importantly), drawing followers who will care about what you’re tweeting. There are many books out there claiming to be the ultimate guide for learning how to market on Twitter, but few are as comprehensive, easy-to-read, and thoughtful as Twitter Marketing for Dummies. If you’re thinking about using Twitter to market your services or those of your business (and you should be), this is a truly excellent resource for getting started.  

Twitter Marketing For Dummies