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Selling to Anyone Over the Phone. Renee P Walkup & Sandra McKee

Selling to Anyone Over the Phone. Renee P Walkup & Sandra McKee. 2011. ISBN 9780814414835.  This is very up to date and includes some very useful tactics that I have not seen in a selling on the phone book before.  The chapter on using the new tools is good because it reinforces what to do and what not to do , which is so needed with the new generation of sales trainees.  The Chapter on selling to different cultures is one of the most succinct I have seen and based on my experiences, she has  hit the items precisely.  There are useful templates throughout.   The mark if a good instructor shows  in the examples  which  include the before  approach ( weaker) and then the after approach (stronger and simple. They have their own spin on the classic four types of buyer personas , and the models work. I liked how the authors kept relating the approaches to the type of buyer each time as well as adjusting your approach depending on how you look at the world.  This is an easy read, very useful and will be a welcome addition to a sales managers tool kit as well as those salesfolks who want to blast through their quota into mega bonus land.  Thanks again Amacom for a valued book