October 25th 2010

Does finance still set your prices? Pricing panel part 7.

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Does finance still set your prices?  If this is true, its time to get into a more recent century.  Along with this,  lazy companies often set their prices as cost plus – which according to Thomas Nagle, under prices for some customers while penalizing others.  In my experience cost plus pricing was used to set a list price, which no sales guy ever followed.  Every customer received some form of discount along the way from order to delivery.  Forrester tells us 95% of customers get a discount.

Another sin is being unable/unwilling to track all initiatives, contracts, and discounts all the way through each transaction.  This is used in the concept of a price/margin waterfall.  In essence the company does not really know how much profit it received  from every transaction.   How do you know which clients are “at risk”  for being poached and which ones are chronic “outlaws” in getting maximum discounts if you do not track full transaction margin?   Bringing some up to date financial controls to this area will result immediate profit uptakes. Plus Finance will be able to play a proactive role in your pricing strategy.

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