September 21st 2010

Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google. Aaron Goldman

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Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned from Google. Aaron Goldman. 2011. ISBN 9780071742894. Yes this is an important book for all marketers ( Which according to Porter is 1/2 of every business). Each reader will take away their important bits.  I enjoyed his discussion of Googel Website Optimizer and how to do those controlled runs.  Another resource is , its hilarious!

The book is quite full of excellent resources, many created by the author.  He is not loath to point out the utility of comScore, AdGooroo,, and Hitwise.  Overall is the constant discussions of what Google does, is doing and will do, which is as fascinating as anything else.  At Rocket Builders we have used Gambescia’s four boxes of branding in order to clarify an USP. It certainly works well.  Goldman has a very tough USP test oin that he asks you to put yours into one Tweet.  Now that can be really a mind chewer.  It is the hardest work to make things clear and simple.  Goldman is also an advocate of building marketing frameworks first before you get sucked into endless wordsmithing. Thats certainly true. Well written, organized and clear – great for a coast to coast plane ride.

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