August 10th 2010

The Family. The real story of the Bush dynasty. Kitty Kelley

The Family. The real story of the Bush dynasty. Kitty Kelley. 2005. ISBN 0385503245.  Continuing with my US history lessons I picked up this book. The author, who had serious legal issues with her story on Frank Sinatra, has been very thorough in her research and notes on this one.  So one can be fairly certain that what she says was said and was done is well backed up. Which makes this such a depressing book. George Senior (41)  comes across as a rich boy dilettante, more willing to be liked than anything with no vision, no curiosity of the world coupled to an intellectually lazy person.  George W. (43), compounding his fathers weaknesses  is easily called the worst president ever in the US history and his behaviour proves it. How can an educational and political  system based on the ideals of people like Washington, Lincoln, Adams  become so polarized  and focused on winning to ignore the impact of  the  opinionated, arrogant dullard who becomes the leader?  (Well we did have Mulroney,  and Chretien – but still  pretty smart boys after all ) On top of that add the pigs to the trough approach of the entire Bush family when their “boys” become top of the pile?  The fill your pockets approach was very typical in Lincolns time, but he labored to educate the country out of it.   I had to finish this book as it is a good read, well written with hard hitting points. But it greatly saddened me at the same time. Next Kitty has  a book on Oprah!

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