July 19th 2010

Part 2 in learning about selling

I recently did a short list for someone new to selling
which has generated quite a bit of comments, traffic and a few meetings. Now I am being asked for whats next?
So next up is Snap Selling by Jill Konrath which is very current
Jill then recommends Sharon Drew Morgen as someone with tremendous insight
(I concur)
The books above talk from the sales side (because that is how you sell books  in this space, people really do not buy as many marketing books)  but the authors  at least understand the disconnect between marketing and sales, and give the sales group something to do about it. When you really hook sales and marketing well together, the system works like a fine machine. At Rocket Builders we have made that happen using what we call a sales and marketing framework.  Wrto marketing, we have  yet to write the book about the framework that is needed that addresses sales effectiveness.
After the books above then you start to get into the sales efficiency stuff – how to be efficient with lead gen, being better at SEO , sales behaviours, sales processes , sales management, and so on.  There are many books – some great ones, plus lots of trainers and courses , a few of which are current and terrific.
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