May 28th 2010

A booklist for someone very new to sales

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A list for someone very new to sales

Reg Nordman

Last week I had two requests (Thank you David and Michael), for very different reasons, asking me what books would I recommend for someone new to sales to help get them quickly up to speed. I get this question often and never felt I had my “best’ answer. So I finally:

  • laid out a selection process,
  • set out the requirements (Easy to read and digest , did I mention real short,  proven in the trenches, only a few, and seriously effective),
  • then looked at my 800 plus  reviews

So,  in May 2010 I have made the inaugural , just add water and stir,  list of Getting Started in Sales books. I make no guarantee that I have not missed your gems, hurt many writers feelings (but being sales people they have tough skins) and I could change my mind tomorrow if a new book comes across my desk. So drum roll please:

2010 Getting Started in Sales book list:
1. Art Sobczak has been at this the longest – he calls it Smart
Calling- but if you read very carefully it is much much more- sales efficiency tag

2 The Leaky Funnel – Hugh Macfarlane – sales effectiveness tag

3. It’s Not Rocket Science – Mitch Gooze  – sales effectiveness tag

A serious student of sales success (desire to be a top 5%er? ) understands that this is a continuous journey of learning. These books just get you started.


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