April 27th 2010

Stones Into Schools. Promoting peace with books, not bombs, in afghanistan and pakistan. Greg Mortensen

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Stones Into Schools. Promoting peace with books, not bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Greg Mortensen. 2009. ISBN 9780670021154.  When we left Greg Mortensen in Three Cups of Tea, he had promised tribal leaders from  one of Afghanistan’s wildest parts to come and build a girl’s school like he was doing in Pakistan. This is the chronicle of the work CAI his foundation is doing in Afghanistan as well as deep insights into the tribal leaders, people and students he encounters on his journeys.  Inspiring, and uplifting as his work is, you are constantly brought back to the constant roadblocks that life in these parts puts in front of the individual who wants to better them self.  In this book Greg is surprised at the work that the US and Allied military is putting in to be sensitive to the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Being on the front, the soldiers develop tremendous empathy for the lot of the civilians. This book validates the nation building work that the Canadian and US military are committed to. One soldier said it, ” you can not bomb your way to peace.”  In page after page you read about the incredible dedication of the people to get some kind of an education. They are very tired of war and want to build their country.   An uplifting read and a noble cause.

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Three Cups of Tea
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