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The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Second ed. David Meerman Scott.

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The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Second ed. How to use social media, blogs, news releases, online video, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly David Meerman Scott.  2010 ISBN 9780470547816.    I reviewed the first edition in June 2007, and really found it ground breaking.   This Second Edition is even better than the first.  His original truths are still true, however he has added the smart use of social media to the arsenal of marketers.   His examples are updated,  pithy, timely and very useful.  Recommended to anyone who thinks they know anything about marketing and also for those who do not.  As ever a well written speedy book. You will remember what he says – it just makes so much sense.

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In The Company of Heroes. Michael J. Durant & Steven Hartov

In The Company of Heroes. Michael J. Durant & Steven Hartov. 2004.ISBN 0451210603. The story of the US helicopter pilot captured in Mogadishu, Somalia which corresponded with the story of  Black Hawk Down.   This is a taut gripping real life story of special ops, top gun flyers and life among the elite of the US Armed Forces.  Durant was seriously injured when his helio was shot down. He endured incredible pain, and  expected the worst. He  received surprising care from some Somalis and eventually was released as a gesture from the warlord , Mohamed Aidid.   If you are curious to live the life of these elite forces and the view of being captured by a young hard nosed military type you will like this book.  I liked his quote from Colin Powell, ” The people in the front lines are right and those in the rear are wrong.”   Durant’s observations of the Clinton approach to this war are totally in line with those expressed in the Bin Laden book.

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