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Off the Tourist Trail. 1000 unexpected travel alternatives. fwd by Bill Bryson

Taken May 5th, 2004 by myself.
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Off the Tourist Trail. 1000 unexpected travel alternatives.  fwd by Bill Bryson. 2009. ISBN 9780756653996. When I am not traveling I confess to a love of armchair travel. Whether it is DVDs  (The Lonely Planet City DVD set is awesome!), National Geographic shows, or books by Lonely Planet or DK..

This coffee table book by DK is my favorite.  As Bryson says here is good news and bad news, the good being 1000 places you likely have not heard of that are fantastic, the bad being you will not live long enough to see them.  I really liked the section oon each location where it compared the famous site Pompeii with the lesser known, less busy but great site , Herculaneum, which is off the  tourist trail. You can spend hours with this book, which is filled with great pictures and compelling descriptions.  They also summarize how to get there, best months to visit, suggested restaurants and hotels and budget for two per day.  Enjoy.

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