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Marketing resources for the complex sale

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Marketing resources for the complex sale.

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale.  Differentiate yourself with attraction marketing,. Create contagious content. Drive qualified leads to sales.  Ardath Albee. 2010. ISBN 0071628649, 9780071628648. In the  B2B complex sale, marketers are increasingly being pressured to deliver results during the lengthy sales process. This  is a  marketing book designed to solve this problem.

The author  explains how to create and use online content and communication strategies to catch and hold the attention of prospects to the degree of engagement necessary for sales readiness. Readers will then learn how to sell their strategies to the sales force in order to create a unified overall sales strategy. This is not a simple story nor a short approach. It fits closely with our idea that execution is the weak link in most programs.  If you use this guide, it will help you omit many common execution errors.  In her words, measurement of engagement is purely how many people take action.

Perspectives on Marketing. Get both sides of the story. Jason I Miletsky & Michael Hand.   2009. ISBN 9781598638714.  This is a companion to Perspectives on Sales . I like theses books as they give the client side and the sell side ( in this case an agency side) to the common. I think you will read this book and immediately understand ways to get more from your agency.  Plus the views of the two sides are unbiased as they have not collaborated.   Easy interesting read, especially if you are new to the agency/client relationship

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The Four Pillars of Profit-Driven Marketing: How to Maximize Creativity, Accountability, and ROI.   2009. Moeller, Edward Landry 0071615059, 9780071615051

As budgets tighten, marketing managers are feeling the pressure to come up with quantifiable results for every dollar spent. The ability to determine marketing ROI has long been desirable; now, it is critical. ..This book  offers a framework that helps marketers capture the metrics essential to determine accurate ROI and use them to develop an overall marketing strategy. The authors, (Booz & Co execs)  reveal 4 pillars of marketing,” : ..

  1. Understand, classify, and choose Analytics.
  2. Put the analytics to work with the right decision-support Systems And Tools.
  3. Establish Processes that integrate the analytics and tools into operations .
  4. Use Organizational Alignment to assure company-wide acceptance and execution of the system ..

The authors provide a simple six-step process usng a case study of the Kellogg Company.   If you are struggling with getting real ROI numbers from your marketing, this book should be a good place to start.  This is not a book for triflers however,  if you read it you really should want to implement.