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Even more material from Lee Salz.

The Business Executive’s Dilemma: Should I Promote My Top Sales Person to Sales Manager? – December 05, 2009
Before promoting your top sales person into sales management, make sure you’re making the right move for your company and the sales person.

White Paper: Are There Criminals On Your Sales Team? – November 30, 2009
Every employer fears unknowingly hiring a criminal. There are things that can be done to mitigate that risk if an effective criminal background screening program is put together. The operative word is “effective.” This white paper will help you identify the important components to structure a criminal background check program for your salesforce.

LinkedIn Is a Waste Of a Sales Person’s Time! – November 01, 2009

Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager. Lee B. Salz

Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales ManagerSoar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager. Lee B. Salz. 2007. ISBN 9780832950094.   I previously posted Salz’s ideas for sales people looking for work (Time to look for a new sales job? New and seasoned sales guys???? )   The rest of the book is as brilliant.  This is a book which truly architects a salesman’ s success, despite their manager or lack of a manager and little help from marketing.   Much useful and familiar content such as :

  • How do you really differentiate your product/service?
  • Look at the buyers process, not a selling process.
  • What are you doing for personal growth?

What is your ideal client?

  • Size?
  • Circumstances (new vs takeaway?)
  • Process?
  • Budget?
  • Buying habits?

Who are the personalities in a client?

  • Beneficiaries?
  • Saboteurs?
  • Mentors?
  • Wizards (he who pays)?

His chapters on territory management and responding to RFPs are better than anything I have seen in a long time.

If there is something missing it would be the extensive work of Sharon Drew  Morgen on the the early identification of stuff that will get in the way of the sale. Her material is unbeaten at the qualifying stage, to make you more efficient as well as more effective.  Plus you really do need to get marketing to help you with some of this stuff, if you can.

See lots of Lees content below

Well written, clear and a great guide, this is a book for every salesperson to have in his library, I would keep in your bag, as the tips and examples are of great immediate use.