January 4th 2010

Time to look for a new sales job? New and seasoned sales guys????

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Time to look for a new sales job?.

I am devouring a book called Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager. (www.wbusiness.biz) by Lee B. Salz. (Maybe a theme developing?) This is a good book (Review will follow)  His second chapter is all about finding the right sales job and I loved it.  He talks about interviewing  the company while they interview you  since you have as much to lose as the company by signing up for the wrong job.

Its usually the wrong job if:

  • The company has no proven plan in place to help salesmen succeed
  • The company hires  hunters but you see they need farmers
  • They want strong salespeople with no idea what strong really means
  • The manager is stuck in ABC thinking
  • There is no demand for the product, yet no plans to develop it.
  • Or there is no name recognition, no brand, few marketing dollars, no prospects calling in

Sound familiar? It rang my bell a few times. we have seen all this and more in helpin gtech companies through the year.  Here'[s a clue, if you do not see why this is a costly problem for you, do not worry, your company will not make it anyway.

Points about finidng the ideal company (like finding the ideal client right? ) :

  1. Define what is the ideal company for you
  2. Where and what are the opportunities for you?
  3. What do they expect of a sales person? What do you expect of them?
  4. What skills are they willing to teach? What do you want to learn?
  5. What is their commitment to training and development? What is your commitment?
  6. What won’t they teach?What don’t you want to be taught?
  7. What do they feel can’t be taught?
  8. Services sellers need to know how to customize, configure and create based on customer requirements. Are you that type?
  9. Product sellers are limited by what the box does. Is that your success type?
  10. Did you thrive on short cycle or long cycle sales?
  11. Same with single buyers or multiple enterprise buyers?
  12. What type of hunter are you? Do you generate your own leads or answer in-bounds?
  13. Are you able to straddle the likable/driven divide of the farmer?
  14. How do you adapt to change? How flexible are you? Is the comp plan overly  changable?
  15. What is the size of your financial risk? Will your cheques clear?
  16. Where do they stand with the competition; leaders. followers. laggards, off the radar?  Which do you prefer?
  17. Are they boutique or low price?  Where do they win or lose sales?
  18. What is the offering breadth? All of it, or just part of the puzzle?
  19. How do they differentiate themselves? Do you believe it?
  20. How is sales managed? Your preferance?
  21. What sales support is there?  Proof materials?
  22. The money; salary, recoverable/nonrecoverable draws, commission how does it all work together?  What defines revenue? What about chargebacks?
  23. Any deal breakers such as ; pay is too low to survive on , commute too long, location?

Told you it was thorough. This is just Chapter 2!

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