January 2nd 2010

Self Management Books Dec 09

Escape From Cubicle Nation . From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur.  Pamela Slim. 2009. ISBN 9781591842576.  From the Blog of the same name, Pamela has penned the what colour  is your parachute book for 2009. directly targeted at those unhappy cubicle dwellers who just have to get out of there.  If you are in this state of mind, or want to explore it  the book  is clearly written, with some very useful advice on topics you may not have thought about.

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The Art of the Apology.  How to apologize effectively to practically anyone.  Lauren M. Bloom.  The Fonz ( Henry Winkler ) to the contrary we see the need to apologize every day (Ter Woods to his wife, wonder that that went? ) This thin little book is very well organized and gives you very sound advice on the topic.  If you remember that the best  way to manage risk is to make your decisions with the best advice you have at hand at the time.  This  book will give you another dimension to manage your risk in life.  I really liked her inclusion of “How to best accept an apology. and how to build an apology friendly workplace.”

Grow From Within. Mastering corporate entrepreneurship and innovation. Wolcott & Lippitz. 2010. ISBN 9780071598323.  If you are one of those lucky birds who believes that your own company is ready to support “intrapreneurship” then this book speaks to you.  The tough thing is to align what the new business does with how “business as usual” works in the firm. Most often that does not work  and the “new” firm needs to be isolated from the old “culture”.  This text although” academic in style touches on the salient points. The case studies are larger firms.

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