January 2nd 2010

Marketing selection Dec 2009.

Front CoverB2B Brand management.  Phillip Kotler, Waldermar Pfoertsch. 2006.  ISBN 3540253602.  This book really looks at brand management for industrial companies.  I appreciated their comment about two moments of truth wrto brand management. The first is when the prospect buys the product/pays for it.  The second is when the product is when they use the product.  Good B2B companies focus intensely on winning these moments of truth.  eg, Apple comes to mind.  Lots of relevant case studies with a very thorough academic  treatment make this an important book for senior brand managers in the larger enterprise.

Front CoverBrand Digital. Simple ways top brands succeed in the digital world.  Allen P.  Adamson. 2008. ISBN 9780230606043.  The book these  revolves around the question. ” How do you stick to a simple, credible, and compelling brand promise while addressing the multitude of consumer touch points. He has many interviews  (100) with top companies as to what they are doing to harness the multiple functions of social networking, digital word-of-mouth, consumer-generated ideas, “green” branding, and new technologies such as the Blackberry and iPhone. Topical and useful book on something we believe goes to the core of IT marketing, your brand promise. His chapter on the importance of brand promise is well done.  A good e.g. is Doves, “Campaign for Beauty” as a successful ongoing initiative.  You might howl with some of the prehistoric thinking evident in some companies, the thought being that their increasing irrelevance dooms them to failure. He has an easy simple writing style which helps your learning.

Front Cover Developments in cross-cultural communications, PR and social media. Silvia Cambie’ and Yang-May Ooi.  2009. ISBN 9780749453299. ” International Communications Strategy” is about the cross-cultural challenges currently facing PR practitioners. Providing information on alternative communication approaches as well as cross-cultural case-studies and examples, “International Communications Strategy” will give readers points of reference and ideas to use every time they are asked to provide strategic communication guidance to senior management or clients.

The authors are sensitive to how technology and social media create new online cultures and new communication audiences. This poses a real challenge to the present generation of PR specialists.  I was sensitive to theri idea that we must enter international markets without any preconceived baggage. Examples are taken from around the world and really reflect a view into how one needs to change to be successful in Europe and Asia.  If these are your markets, this is a great book for you.  The writers are clear and do not getlost in jargon , making your reading experience pleasant.

Front Cover The Next Evolution of Marketing. Connect with you customers by marketing with meaning.  Bob Gilbreath. 2010. ISBN 9780071625364.  Interruptive marketing’s time is a over as we see customers increasingly tuning out.  Gilbreath unveils a  new approach to business that fills the gaping voids left in bottom lines when people started tuning out. He describes the marketing change now underway and the powerful forces driving it.

Inside, he provides Marketing with Meaning success stories, including: Samsung’s laptop and cell phone charging stations, which are now found in more than 50 airports throughout the United States Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty and its viral video “Evolution,” which has been viewed more than 100 million times,  Burger King’s Xbox advergames, which helped boost the company’s profits by 40 percent in one year.   Lots of success stories and also failures ( GM’s Saturn) . The author has the creds to talk about these things, being a seasoned ad guy who has worked with the largest clients. His marketing campaign outline is very clear and thoughtfully laid out.  I appreciate him asking the question, “Is your marketing adding value to the customer so its worth his time to interact with it? His copy is easy to read and digest.

The Complete Idiots Guide to Target Marketing.

Susan FreidFront Covermann. 2009. ISBN 9781592579037. I do so love this book series. Its kind of a Coles notes for marketing basics for  those who do not have big budgets. As well the authors are careful not to steer you wrong so the guides help the range of businesses from start up to mature. You’ll learn:

  • Five easy steps to identify the most lucrative niche markets
  • Tech-savvy tips on using online surveys and other e-tools to identify your customers’ needs
  • Powerful pointers on viral marketing, blogging, webinars, and other web marketing ideas
  • Highly-effective and low-budget advertising strategies and customer retention techniques

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