November 30th 2009

Pose Method Of Running. Nicholas Romanov.

56/365 morning run
Image by kharied via Flickr

Pose Method Of Running. Nicholas Romanov.Ph.D. with John Robson. 2002. 0972553762. In my continuous search for ways to keep on running while the body slowly deteriorates, I came across this book. It is a much deeper, scientific  look into more of the areas that I first found in ChiRunning (although perhaps the Romanov techniques predate ChiRunning) .

This is a very easy to read book with scads of exercises and supporting activities such as flexibility and strength building activites. It is very well researched applied science and is being used  many high perfromance coaches and their athletes.

The big eye opener for me was how he takes the forward lean, relaxed foot approach of ChiRunning much further along the entire foot and up the leg. Example, he stresses how you want to have minimal heel lift, landing on the ball of the foor, with minimal push off , so that your body does not rise and fall as you run. His practise activities really show you how to get gravity working for you with running. Again, it comes down to  attention to detail in the execution.  My natural run has become even easier, when I thought I could not get it any easier. If you take your running seriously this is a great resource for you. See

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