November 9th 2009

Trends, Content & Stories that sell

Trends, Content & Stories that sell.

Anatomy of a Trend. Henrik Vejlgaard.2008. ISBN 9780071488709.  As a fan of “trendsetters it is good to read the academic reasons why this happens. As a  trend sociologist  Vejlgaard unearths clues about how trends emerge and go mainstream and examines the influential individuals who make this happen.
He includes  real-life stories of both famous and anonymous movers and shakers who have had worldwide influence in changing our styles of living, including business leaders, designers, and artists, while also conveying the fascinating development of little-known trends that perfectly illustrate the trend’s life cycle.  I particularly enjoyed his year by year analysis of Madonna since  1983!  This is a very useful easy to read, short book (handy for travel)

Get Slightly Famous. Become a celebrity in your field and attract more business with less effort. Steven Van Yoder. 2007. ISBN 9780972002172.  When helping clients grow, we are always looking for where they can be a thought leader. The best clients and customers are those who seek you out because they have already heard of you. They often see you as an indispensable resource.  The book is full of strategies, tactics and case studies to help do this.  EAsy read and well laid out.

Stories That Sell. Turn satisfied customers into your most powerful sales and marketing asset. Casey Hibbard. 2009. ISBN 9780615183008. This seems the only book on how to get and write case studies/customer stories.  Then she goes on to show you how to best leverage these stories in sales and marketing.  Good book, well thought out and very useful.

Get Content. Get Customers. How to use content marketing to deliver relevant, valuable, and compelling information that turns prospect into buyers. 2008. ISBN 9780980187609.  The authors who have the street creds to do this, explain  how to develop compelling content and seamlessly deliver it to customers—without interrupting their lives. Full of lots of real life examples, best practices, they even lead you step by step on how to develop a whole content marketing program. Get more  at

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  1. Reg…thanks for the shout out regarding Get Content Get Customers. An excellent list of books here.


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