October 24th 2009

Management books part 2

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Management books part 2

Lead Well and Prosper. 15 Successful strategies for becoming a good manager. Nick McCormick. 2006. ISBN 9780977981335. A small book that would be very useful as a new manager handout. Simple, pragamatic yet as the author points out none of these are easy to do. Its all about execution and commitment. Quick easy read.

Rules of Thumb. 52 Truths for winning at business without losing yourself. Alan M. Webber. 2009. ISBN 9780061721830. Webber was co-founder of Fast Company magazine. Using a friendly conversational style, the author engages you quickly in the 52 truths. after the statement and example he follows with a so what part. I could not put this one down and really enjoyed it. Good for a tedious flight with lots of interruptions.

Living Above the Store.Building a Business That Creates Value, Inspires Change and Restores Land and Community. Martin Melaver. 2009. ISBN 9786023580854. Living Above the Store” brings us into the story of Melaver, Inc., a third-generation, 70-year-old family real estate business, as it evolves toward becoming a thought and product leader in sustainable business practices. It is part business management theory and part case study, where sustainable principles meet sustainable practices, always grounded in day-to-day practice. Very pragmatic and uplifting especially in a time of doom and gloom. .strike another for sustainability.

Jeff Immelt and the New GE Way. Innovations, Transformation and Winning in the 21st Century. David Magee. 2009. ISBN 9780071605878. So how do you follow after Jack Welch? With original ideas and practices to do even better it seems . Have to admire a company that can grow such leaders. Lots to learn here, and its not rocket science after all.

Why Teams Win. 9 Keys to success in business, sport and beyond. Dr Saul L. Miller. 2009. ISBN 9780470160435. Great teams have people working together through

  1. A sense of purpose
  2. Talent
  3. leadership
  4. Strategy/Plan
  5. Commitment
  6. Feedback
  7. Confidence
  8. Chemistry
  9. Identity

This guide and handbook will take you and your team through these parts to help evaluate and change for the better. I really buy into this material as I have seen it work well on my teams.

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