September 28th 2009

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling. Jonathan London

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling. Jonathan London. 2009. ISBN 9780313359187.  This is a very concise book.  It is literally a 144 pp  bible for selling, with little not covered. The author ( a top rate sales trainer)  is really on top of his subject with this one.  But, for you to to get the value from the book, you need to read it all. The sum is greater than the parts.  Plenty  of real life examples are used to bring the lessons home.  I enjoyed the host of templates and checklists that covered the gamut of the sales game.  the book is logically organized and very clearly written.  From  rookie to seasoned pro, this book has utility for all people who need to know about selling.  Good library addition.

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  1. What does the image (one of my fav. albums) have to do with the post? (the only reason I clicked through from my reader).

    I liked the post…but it is more your endorsement of the book (I will check it out). You need to have earned the trust of the reader for them to check out or buy the book. I would recommend extending this post and telling me what is covered by the book, and why it is of use without given away too much so we buy the book. Frankly, I have read a lot of business/selling books and they all sound the same after a while.


    John Coates said on 30 Sep 2009 at 5:16 pm #

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