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Motivating the “What’s In It For Me?” Workforce. Cam Marston

Francisco Gatchalin

Motivating the “What’s In It For Me?” Workforce. Cam MarstonMotivating the “What’s In It For Me?” Workforce. Cam Marston. 2007 ISBN780470124147.

Guest post by Francisco  Gatcchalian . Francisco Gatchalian,
Director of TrailsidePhysio – Physical Therapist,

It was quite interesting and gave me some insight on what kind of factors drive group behaviours.
Points that I specifically liked:

  • Using employee requests/demands as an opportunity to negotiate.
  • “In the absence of praise and recognition, people function at a level that keeps them just a step away from punishment”.
  • New Millennials might have solid egos, but lack self confidence.
  • How parenting styles have affected the ability of younger people to accept criticism.
  • 0.0004% of the American population is at war compared to 11.5% during WWII.
  • “Search for “no’s” and embrace them…you’ll watch your peers fall behind.”

Overall, the book gives good insight into what drives behaviors, but I do think that the described behaviors as they relate to each generation can be found to varying degrees in any generation We all have worked with the type of Boomer who routinely showed up late, left early, did errands on company time, went to the gym on company time, and used company time to manage his investments and real estate…while seeing an Xers who ¬† start early stay late, took no lunch, took on new projects and made much less that half of what the Boomer made.

I think the book gives good information that can be added to the information that you must glean from your staff to find out where they come from and ultimately predict/guide professional behaviour.

About Francisco
Francisco Gatchalian obtained his degree in Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University, after studying Biology and
Psychology. He has also obtained a diploma from Uppsala University, Sweden in international health care
development. Francisco has undergone continuing education in sports therapy, acupuncture, orthopaedics, golf
injuries and ergonomics.

Francisco has been involved as a team leader with Canadian Ski Patrol and a guide for Trailriders Mountain Bike
Club. He also teaches injury management as an instructor with the Canadian Mountain Biking Instructor
Certification Program. Francisco has also worked extensively with the New Westminster Hyacks football team as
well as the Douglas College athletics program. Currently, Francisco spends his time between the Trailside group of clinics in New Westminster, Coquitlam, and
at Fleetwood. see

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