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Just received a copy of The B2B Barometer survey

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By way of Andrew Dalglish (Thanks!) I received this study today. It is very interesting to marketing managers as well as international organizations. Compare how far the Europeans have moved to replicate what we see in NAmerican surveys. Fascinating.

Conducted bi-annually the ‘B2B Barometer’ survey explores the budgets and priorities of 100 of Europe’s leading client side B2B marketers.    A few highlights include:

39% of B2B budgets are now allocated to ‘new media’ – 15% to web development, 12% to email, 10% to online ads, 2% to social media

More is now spent on online advertising (10% of spend) than traditional print advertising (7%)

70% of B2B marketers plan to increase spend on social media in the next 12 months…but 57% feel they don’t know enough about this area

Only 51% measure the return on their marketing investment

62% feel that marketing still plays a secondary role to sales in B2B organisations

check out the summary  (you can buy the full report for $165) at:


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