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Life skills books

Life skills books .

Young Professionals Guide to Success.  Featuring advice from CEOs, sr. execs and community leaders. Ryan Kohnen 2009.  ISBN 9781934572252.  29 yr old Kohnen calls Gen Y Gen ADD and they need a kick in the butt.  From building relationships with mentors and peers to being the leader of your team (even if you are the youngest person), this book gives young professionals an inside look at how executives rose to the top. Pepsi Americas, American Heart Association, and DuPont are among the organizations that share invaluable anecdotes and advice. Readers will also learn from the mistakes and successes of a fellow young professional: author Ryan Kohnen.

No More Mister Nice Guy. The undoings of an african american executive company man. James Alston. 2008. ISBN 9780980243109. The author had a 30 plus year ascent and fall with Handleys Food Company (fictitious name), but you can almost tell who he is talking about. This is a heartfelt story about prejudice and how it still permeates US business. It reads like a novel, I just wish it was not true.

Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It. Cali Ressler & Jodi Thompson. 2009. ISBN 9781591842033. These two worked for Best Buy where they created the Results-Only Work Environment. youcontrol when, where, and how long you work. As long as you meet your objectives, the way you spend your time is entirely up to you. Suddenly, work isnt a place you go, its a thing you do. In a ROWE, there are no mandatory meetings or fixed schedules. You stop doing any activity that wastes time, and no one criticizes you for leaving early or coming in late.  No wonder Timothy Ferris liked!  check out   This may be extremely useful for dealing with gen y and millennial generations.  I hooted at the stories and of course the FAQs.

Escape from Cubicle Nation. From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur.  Pamela Slim. 2009. ISBN 9781591842576.  Pamela Slim spent a decade traveling all over the country as a self-employed trainer for large corporations. She was surprised to find that many of the most successful employees at these companies harbored secret dreams of breaking out to start their own business. They would pull her aside after a meeting and whisper, I would love to work for myself, but have no idea how to get started. How did you do it?

So Pamela started a blog Escape from Cubicle Nation ( to share her experience and advice. Soon, questions and stories poured in from corporate prisoners around the world. As her blog gained popularity, she also interviewed some of the brightest experts in entrepreneurship on topics from finance to branding to marketing via social networks. This book is the result of all those blogs…And its funny, smart and full of really useful stuff.  Guy Kawasaki s forward is great – the book will help you to either shut up, suck it up or get out. .

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