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HR book reviews

HR book reviews.  There comes a time when too many books are waiting to write individual reviews – and this is a time .  Four notable HR books  follow:

The Essential HR Handbook. Sharon Armstrong and Barbara Mitchell. 2008. ISBN 13978

1564149909 This sheds light on the issues that  keep managers up at night. Pithy and pragmatic information that is very up to date.  If you have a wide range of employee ages in your company – very useful book.

Painless Performance Evaluations. Marnie E. Green  2006. ISBN 0131706756. A a collection of tools and methods, as well as a guide for those who are looking for new, more effective ways to manage performance.  Pragmatic, step by step guide. Lots of case studies.

A Managers Guide to Coaching. Brian Emerson & Anne Loehr. 2008. ISBN 139780814409824. Another fine book from AMACOM.  Coaching allows mangers to use employees’ emotions — which have great power and energy — to increase their
focus. This book  provides specific, powerful questions to ask when coaching and motivating employees to peak performance, and supplies sample conversations, responses, and different ways you can followup on them.

How Did That Happen. Roger Conners & Tom Smith.  Aug 2009. ISBN 9781591842583. These chaps wrote the book on accountability in every place.  As Kevin says, and I agree ,” It raises the dialogue about accountability”   This is a positive book, full of activities and get it down approaches and extremely timely.